This section is a celebration of my starting to use art journals to express my creativity.  I have painted for many years and written a journal for even longer but never combined the two until a couple of years ago.  I have found  it really liberating and exciting.  I have seen and been inspired by some beautiful art journals by other artists and hope to share my joy as I grow, your quite welcome to post and leave your ideas, and suggestions.

I have journals for many different uses, some are just for writing, some have encouraging and inspring text alongside painting, some like sketch books are for recording ideas for future work.

In this journal I have been doing work which can be repurposed, this piece was taken from 3 different sketches

I started out my journey as an artist sketching, it's vital to keep your hand in and I have been sketching most days, even if its a quick 5 minute sketch.

These two pieces were recently used in a mixed media art piece.

This is from one of my experimental journal, any ideas that I have for larger art work start their journey in here.

At some point I hope to produce a graphic novel, so much practice is underway

This is another one that will be turned into a larger piece of work

This sketch using pen and ink is part of a series of pieces of work that I am showing in my mixed media art site, experimenting with doodling and hatching.

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